Step 4 – My healthcare

In the My Healthcare section, you’ll find 21 questions. These questions are pretty straightforward.


You’ll see when you get to question three that there is a downward arrow that brings up a long list of various healthcare modalities. If you are seeing a health practitioner other than a GP, family physician or doctor, it’s important that you select the healthcare professional you’ve been seeing over the last four weeks.

The next questions relate to experience, and the questions are pretty straightforward. You’ll continue filling them in all the way through until you’ve answered questions that relate to health goals and relate to higher needs such as life purpose and meaning. Below we just show a sample of these screens.

At the very end you will get a message saying thank you for answering the survey.

And a month later, we are hoping that even in the beta test each individual will be given information via a text message that it is time to fill out the survey. In fact, they should be prevented from filling out the survey until that month as elapsed.

Thank you so much for your time with this – please give us feedback during the course of the beta test. We’re still working very hard to be able to put together the team that is going to be processing the data and returning the data, so it is a work in progress. Thank you.

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