Step 2 – About me

The questions in the About Me section are very straightforward, they involve simple biometric data.

Your weight, your waist circumference, your hip circumference and your chest circumference. You’ll see a little i next to those three circumferences that will give you information on exactly how to measure it to ensure that the information, individual to individual, is standardized.

If you do not have an Omron or Tanita body composition scale, you will answer question five with ‘no’ and that will be the end of your part one, About Me. If you answer with ‘yes,’ you’ll be asked another five questions that relate specifically to the data that you’ll get off your body composition scale. That would be your weight, your body fat, your muscle mass, your visceral fat, information resting metabolism and obviously the biological age that these devices compute through an algorithm.

You’ll then start part two, the My Health section of the Hawthorn survey.

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