Step 1 – Install the app

Step number one is to download the app, from either the app store if you’re using an iOS phone, an iPhone, or Google Play if you’re using an Android. The app is called the Go Hawthorn Tracker, so put that into the search and download it.

After downloading and opening the app, you’ll get into a login screen. In that login screen you need to enter, with exactly the right characters and upper case or lower case as the case may be, your username and your password. You’ll then come to a language preference screen that allows you to select either between English or Dutch.

You click continue. The first time you use the app, you will see our name written at the top: ANH first time users. This is because this is the beta-version of the app and TNO has built it with us being the primary scientific lead on the project. You’ll then get a little bit of information about the survey, about the three different parts of it. You will then be presented with an important note around confidential data, stating that you will not have to worry that any confidential data or personal data linked to yourself is used, only anonymous data, and that your code that is separated from your name and address or any other information. You’ll then be clicking on save, in order to actually start the survey.

The first time you use the app, you will be asked some initial profile questions. They won’t change in subsequent sessions, so you’ll only have to answer them once. The questions are: my gender, my age group (and you’ll see that there are various age group bands so you won’t be giving your exact age), your ethnicity and your height in centimetres.

Once you click save, that will then bring you to the start of the questionnaire. It’s very important to complete the survey in one sitting. If you’re unable to find the 10 (or for the first session maybe 15) minutes to complete the survey, you should really think about doing it on another occasion. If you don’t complete the survey in a single setting, you’ll have to restart the survey.

You will now enter the first part, the About Me section of the questionnaire.

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