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The GoHawthorn Tracker

The GoHawthorn app is an app that has three elements of information. It has an About Me section that involves 16 questions, but when you go onto it after your first session, there’ll only be 12 questions. It then has a My Health section that has 12 questions that uses a validated questionnaire. Part 3 is the My Healthcare section, that asks you 21 questions that essentially characterise the healthcare system that you use – the major determinants, the higher needs, the things that really drive your health.

Now, the purpose of all this is really twofold. For the individual, for the client or if you like a patient, it’s about self-reported health monitoring. That can be very motivating, and it can also help prioritise different interventions that an individual has chosen to use. Secondly, there are a lot of benefits for practitioner associations or research groups to understand the associations between particular health outcomes, for example improved health outcomes, that may be associated with specific choices of modalities or health systems.

Step 1 - Install the App

Start here for a written step-by-step guide with screen shots.

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Step 2 - About me

The questions here are very straightforward, they involve simple biometric data.

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Step 3 - My health

This involves 12 questions that are taken directly from the SF-12 Optum survey that’s been well validated.

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Step 4 - My healthcare

Here you’ll find 21 questions, to complete the survey.

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Video guide

If you prefer you can watch the guide as a easy to follow video.

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About GoHawthorn

Read more about the project and watch a deep dive video here.

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