We are a consortium of scientists, researchers and health experts that have come together to help create the Hawthorn Tracker, a system that helps you monitor your health status over time – based on your own, not someone else’s, perception of your health. The key collaborators are:

Professor David Peters
Clinical Director | Centre for Resilience, University of Westminster

T: +44 20 7911 5000

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Professor David Peters trained as a family doctor, and later in osteopathic medicine and as a musculoskeletal physician. From 1990 until 2005 he directed the highly innovative complementary therapies development programme at Marylebone Health Centre (MHC), a ground-breaking Central London NHS GP unit set up in 1986 to explore new approaches to inner city primary healthcare.

Professor Peters was one of the founding faculty of the University of Westminster’s School of Integrated Health which merged with the Department of Bioscience in 2009 to form the School of Life Sciences where he is now Professor of Integrated Healthcare and Clinical Director.

Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown
Professor of Public Health | University of Warwick

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Sarah Stewart-Brown joined the Division of Health in the Community (now the Health Sciences Research Institute) in April 2003 as Professor of Public Health.

Sarah studied medicine at the University of Oxford and the Westminster Hospital in London. She worked in the National Health Service from 1974 onwards first as a paediatrician and subsequently as a public health doctor in London, Bristol and Worcester.

She also held academic appointments at the Departments of Child Health, and of Epidemiology and Community Health at the University of Bristol. Before joining the Division she was a Reader in the Department of Public Health at the University of Oxford where she directed the Health Services Research Unit.

The late Professor George Lewith
Professor of Complementary Medicine | University of Southampton

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Professor Lewith was a major contributor to the collaborative initiative and is greatly missed.

In his lifetime, Dr Lewith crossed many domains in terms of teaching, practice, research and international policy. Recently retired from over thirty years of clinical practice, he was Professor of Health Research in the Department of Primary Care at the University of Southampton, where he had established the Complementary and Integrated Medicine Research Unit in 1995. The author of over 350 research articles, he was recognised worldwide for his rigorous investigation of CAM and how complementary therapies could most effectively be integrated into conventional care. Dr Lewith was past president of the International Society of Complementary Medicine Research and acted as a consultant or committee member to many government agencies, funding bodies and charities in the United Kingdom and overseas.


Jeanne Drisko MD
Director | Kansas University Integrative Medicine

T: +1 913-588-6208

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Jeanne Drisko, MD, founded Integrative Medicine and served as its director for two decades. She has since shifted her full attention to researching the benefits of vitamin C infusions in cancer treatment and educating the next generation of integrative medicine practitioners.

Dr. Drisko started The University of Kansas Integrative Medicine in 1998, working as the only practitioner. Under her direction, the practice blossomed to become the home for 10 integrative medicine practitioners. She has also conducted basic and clinical science research with other investigators on campus and around the world. She has many peer-reviewed publications.

Ben van Ommen PhD
Principal Scientist | TNO, Netherlands

T: +31 88 866 17 17

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Ben van Ommen is Director of the Nutrigenomics Organisation (NuGO) and Principal Scientist at TNO, one of the largest independent research organizations in the area of nutrition. He is also Director of the TNO systems biology program and leads the activities on nutrigenomics, nutritional systems biology, personalized health and personalized medicine. His research applies systems biology to metabolic health and metabolic disease, focusing on understanding all relevant processes involved in maintaining optimal health and causing specific disease sub-phenotypes, developing new biomarkers and treatment strategies.