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The Hawthorn Health Collaboration is a joint project initiated by the founder of specialist health and wellbeing insurance brokers Balens, David Balen, and the founder of the Alliance for Natural Health International, Rob Verkerk PhD.

The collaboration includes medical doctors, clinicians, scientists and programmers from four UK universities (Westminster, Warwick, Exeter and Southampton), the KU Integrative Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center and TNO in the Netherlands.

The goal of the Hawthorn Health Collaboration is to provide an environment to advance the health sciences as well as the delivery of a wide range of health modalities. The Hawthorn Health Collaboration recognises that an individual’s health and wellbeing is affected by a wide range of factors, and that a person’s physical health is strongly impacted by his or her emotional health and vice-versa.

We therefore need to find ways of measuring the effects of the multiple factors that influence an individual’s health and wellbeing, not just specific intervention in isolation. We also need to evaluate these in the real world, along with all its vagaries, not just in the artificial confines of a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

The Hawthorn Health Collaboration is also a place in which stories can be told, evaluated, teased apart and disseminated. Stories about successes and failure. Stories about outliers. Stories about winning against the odds. Stories that reinforce our faith in the extraordinary properties of self-healing within the human body.  Self-healing that flourishes once we understand how to best optimise the internal and external environment around a given individual.

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